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What is Green Energy Supply? - A 100% Renewable Solution

Make Your Choice Count
Think of all the time you dedicate to evaluating the best deal for new products for your home. Before buying a new stovetop, hot water heater, or entertainment system, you carefully consider your options and compare different models. Apply the same concern for quality and cost to buying electricity and natural gas for your home and appliances. IDT Energy provides you with a number of options so you can pick the program that works best for you. You can also choose to buy your electricity from renewable energy sources, promoting a healthy environment.

Understanding Your Bill
Your utility bill is made up of two parts, supply and delivery. Supply is approximately 50% of your electric costs and 75% of your natural gas costs. Historically, the price of electricity and natural gas was state-regulated, and your local utility company provided both supply and delivery. Today, you can choose to lower your energy bill by shopping for the best rates on the supply portion of your bill.

Your local utility company will continue to deliver your energy, read your meter, and provide customer service. In case of emergency, you still call your local utility company. You will continue to receive just one bill from your utility company for both your supply and delivery costs.

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