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100% Hydropower Energy in New York & New Jersey

In New York & New Jersey, IDT Energy’s Green Electric option offers a 100% green solution. So while you are watching the big game on the big screen TV and staying cool in the air conditioning, rest assured 100% of your monthly spend on electric supply is contributing to a better planet.

10 Reasons to GO GREEN in New York & New Jersey!

  • Less environmental impact than fossil fuels
  • Reduces dependency on foreign oil
  • Helps diversify energy supply and contributes to more stable energy prices
  • Electricity is produced locally
  • Reduces reliance on imported fuels, keeping dollars spend within our state’s own economy
  • Creates local jobs
  • Strengthens the local economy by spurring investments in environmentally friendly facilities
  • Contributes to cleaner and healthier air
  • Less greenhouse gases emitted
  • It’s renewable

Green energy does cost a bit more, but you gain security in knowing that your dollars are supporting the local economy and environment. For only 1˘ to 3˘ more per kWh your energy will be coming from 100% hydropower.

Choose Green TODAY!

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