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Go Green Electricity: FAQ

Who is IDT Energy, Inc.?
IDT Energy is one of the largest independent suppliers of electricity and natural gas serving the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland markets. We are a Retail Energy Provider or "REP," (also called an “ESCO” or Energy Services Company in some markets) and we work in cooperation with your local utility to supply the natural gas and/or electricity that it delivers to your home.

What is a REP or ESCO?
Retail Energy Providers (“REP”s) and/or Energy Services Companies (“ESCO”s) can be small companies or large corporations that are registered with state regulators and compete to sell you electricity and natural gas.

How do REPs and ESCOs like IDT Energy work?
Your energy service is made up of two parts: supply and delivery. When you choose IDT Energy, we purchase the electricity and natural gas for your home and supply it to your local utility. Your local utility company will continue to safely and reliably deliver that electricity and natural gas to your home.

If I select IDT Energy® service, does my relationship with my utility company end?
No. When you choose IDT Energy, your utility will continue to deliver the energy to your home or business over their wires and pielines, provide customer service, bill you and respond to service emergencies.

Is this something NEW?
The energy market is now deregulated, which means you have the freedom to choose IDT Energy® service to save money on the supply of your electricity and natural gas — similar to the choices available to you on your phone service.

Why would my local utility let IDT Energy do this?
Your local utility company cannot profit from the sale of energy; it derives profits from the delivery of the electricity and natural gas to your home. IDT Energy is a qualified supplier of your local utility and works together with it to ensure quality and reliability.

Who is eligible to enroll in the IDT Energy program?
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland residents who live in an IDT Energy serviceable area have the right to shop for and choose their energy supplier.

Why should I switch to IDT Energy® service?
You do not have to switch to an alternative energy supplier, but you may be missing out on savings you are entitled to. By choosing IDT Energy® service, you could be saving money on the same product you already receive.

Do I pay any special fees to enroll in the program?
No. There are no sign up or cancellation fees and no long-term commitments. There are no deposits required to initiate service. And, you can switch back to your utility company at any time without any penalties.

How do I enroll for service?
You can call IDT Energy's toll-free number, 866-538-8241 to talk with a qualified energy expert, M-F , from 8:30am–8:30pm. If you prefer, you can click here now to sign up online. You will need to have your utility bill ready, because we will ask for your utility account number in order to enroll you in the program.

What happens after I enroll?
Once you enroll, you will receive a Welcome Letter from IDT Energy that includes all of the Terms and Conditions of the service. Your utility company also will send you a letter notifying you of your expected start date for IDT Energy® service. There's nothing else you need to do.

Once I enroll, how soon will my service begin?
We will begin supplying your service on your next meter-reading date. At that point, your monthly bill from the utility will indicate that you have chosen IDT Energy as your supplier of electricity and/or natural gas

If I switch to IDT Energy® service, can I decide later to switch to another supplier or back to my utility again?
Of course! However, you should always consider the value of your special offer or terms and conditions of an agreement with another supplier if you decide to switch. If, for any reason, you are not happy with your choice of supplier of natural gas and electricity, you can switch to another supplier, or back to your utility upon written or verbal notification without any penalties

Will I receive the same level of customer service when I call my utility or visit it online, even if I buy my electricity and natural gas supply from IDT Energy?
Yes! No matter who supplies your energy, you will receive the same level of customer service from your utility. Your utility will continue to read your meter, bill you for service and deliver your electricity and natural gas safely and reliably. You will continue to make payments to your utility as well and it will respond to service emergencies when you call their emergency hotline.

How will I be billed if I choose IDT Energy® service?
Your utility will continue to bill you for service. IDT Energy will be listed on your bill as your new energy supplier.

If I am served by a Retail Energy Provider (REP) or Energy Services Company (ESCO), may I still contact my state regulator if I have a complaint with my service?
Because the delivery portion of your bill will continue to be regulated by the Public Service Commission in New York (PSC), the Board of Public Utilities in New Jersey (BPU),the Public Utilities Commission in Pennsylvania (PUC), and the Public Service Commission (PSC) in Maryland, you can continue to register complaints with your state regulator if you have a delivery service issue.

How can I better manage my energy bills?
Consider enrolling in our Budget Billing Plan. Check with your local utility, which will estimate your yearly energy costs and spread your payments evenly throughout the year. That way, you have more control and are protected from seasonal cost peaks. With Budget Billing, your monthly bill will still show your actual usage and the costs for your service for the billing period. The utility regularly compares your bills and payments, and if your Budget Billing amount is too high or too low, it will let you know and change the amount on your next bill. For more information or to enroll, contact your local utility.

How can I reduce my cooling and heating costs? How can I keep my bills down?
The best way to manage your heating and cooling costs is to conserve. For ideas on how you can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer and save money on home energy costs, visit the IDT Energy Money-Saving Tips and Hints page.

What is IDT Green Energy® service?
"Green" Energy is becoming a more and more popular option. It’s a cleaner, renewable energy provided by IDT Energy using sources that capitalize on natural resources such as wind, sun and running water, without harming the environment. For more information about IDT Green Energy®, visit the IDT Green Energy tab on the homepage.

Why should I consider Green Energy from IDT Energy?
Using natural resources to produce energy helps preserve the quality of the Earth as compared to fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, which pollute the air and endanger our safety.

Does Green Energy cost more?
Yes. The cost of processing this type of energy is slightly more expensive. However, for a few extra dollars per month, you can help keep the air we breathe cleaner, minimize ecological impact, encourage conservation, reduce our dependency on foreign oil and help promote creation of domestic jobs.

Where can I find the IDT Energy Terms and Conditions of service?
Click here for the Terms and Conditions of service for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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