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Before deregulation, states regulated supply and delivery rates. The utility generated, supplied and delivered your energy. The utility operated as a monopoly because there was no competition.

After deregulation, participating states allow companies to compete to supply your energy. This allows the consumer to find a supplier and program that suits their needs – give you the power to choose.

However, some things did not change after deregulation. The utility still delivers your energy safely and reliably to your home or business through their wires and pipeline. You will also receive only one bill from the utility and it continues to provide any emergency service.

Clean Energy vs. Dirty Energy

The majority of the electricity in the US is generated from burning fossil fuels such as coal. These non-renewable resources emit carbon monoxide into the air, which adds to the world’s negative environmental changes.

Clean electricity is generated from renewable resources such as wind, water, and the sun. These cleaner resources also do not pollute the environment from carbon emissions.

IDT Energy’s green option uses 100% hydropower. Hydropower is derived from the energy of moving water from rivers, streams and ocean tides. Hydropower is domestically available which frees us from the volatility of fuel prices from the foreign market. It is America’s largest source of clean energy and accounts for 65.9 percent of renewable energy generation.

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