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IDT Energy Green Electric is a 100% green solution generated from local hydroeletric plants IDT Energy Empowers Your Choice with Renewable Electricity Solutions in New York

You can choose to positively impact the environment by choosing to go green with IDT Energy. IDT Energy’s Green Electricity option offers you the benefit of choosing where your electricity supply comes from.

Making your house energy efficient is only one step in protecting the environment. Choose to have your electricity come from clean, renewable resources too. IDT Energy purchases green electricity produced 100% from hydropower. Hydropower electricity is generated by capturing the energy generated by flowing water. Think of it as putting places like Niagara Falls and the Hoover Dam to work for you. Not only is it a renewable resource, it is generated domestically and reduces the dependence on foreign oil.

The best part is – there is no expensive equipment to buy and no details of an installation to manage. Go green hassle free. In just 5 quick minutes you can be part of the green solution!

The utility company will continue to deliver your energy, read your meter, send you one bill and service any problems. You simply help the environment with the same reliability.

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